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 Arnstadt and tourism

Heraldic sign of the town Arnstadt
 Arnstadt and its environment are rich on places of interest, how:
Schlossruine Neideck
Schlossruine Neideck
  • the castles called "Drei Gleichen", consisting of the castles Wachsenburg, Muehlburg and Gleichen, 
  • the innumerable walking-pathes around the town on which one can achieve the viewpoints "Kreuzchen", "Schnecke" and the "Alteburgtower" of course, 
  • the ruins of the Renaissance castle "Neideck" in Arnstadt - once one of the most magnificent castles in Thuringia,
  • the castle ruins Liebenstein in Liebenstein, Ehrenburg in Plaue, further castles there are in the larger environment, 
  • worth-while is a visit at the Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt Culture- and Town Brewery
  • the Castle museum at the New Palace with the Dolls Collection "Mon Plaisir",
  • the museum for steam engines in the historically Engine Shed "Bahnbetriebswerk historisch" Arnstadt.
The "Alteburgtower" is a popular lookout point on a high plateau above the town.
In former times was in the proximity of the today's tower a barrier system.
In 1901 the tower was inaugurated as the "Emperor Wilhelm Tower". In the directly neighborhood of the tower is the restaurant "Alteburg". Unfortunately closed at present.
Churches in Arnstadt
Churches in Arnstadt
Arnstadt is also a town of churches. There are five buildings in the town.
  • the "Liebfrauenkirche" (Church of the Holy Lady) is one of the most important churches in Thuringia,
  • the "Oberkirche" (Upper Church), a very magnificent baroque church with the fragments of the former Franciscan monastery,
  • the famous "Bach-Church", builds as "New Church" after the large town fire,
  • the Church of the catholic municipality at the Wachsenburgallee,
  • and the "Himmelfahrtskirche" on the former "Old Cemetery".

The art of beer brewing is a very old and big tradition in the town. In former times were in the town more than 120 houses with brewing right registered.
The wheat beer is after the excessive quantity an invention from the Mayor Fischer of that time.
Unfortunately has not one of the the traditional breweries the eventful times survived.
There was a new start with the opening of the "Culture-and Town Brewery" (Stadtbrauerei Arnstadt) in the restored building of the former "Brewery Mergell AG".
Viev over the old part of the town
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